Commander Healthcare Limited to form strategic partnership with Japan’s Kampo Senjido

Commander Healthcare Limited to form strategic partnership with Japan’s Kampo Senjido

Commander Healthcare Limited entered into a strategic partnership arrangement with Japan’s Kampo Senjido to jointly develop its global market potential and build the first truly international kampo brand in the world. The target is to establish showrooms in 10 countries in the next 5 years while also opening over 100 kampo shops around the world.

Kampo Senjido is a well-established brand in Japan with many years of history specializing in kampo products. Their kampo shops are uniquely set up in a self-service model that allows customers to choose from, enjoy and experience a variety of herbal soups and teas. The shops are also stocked with natural food products and make-up products for the customers to choose from. Professional pharmacists are based in-shops and customers can seek advice from them and choose the appropriate kampo products suited to their own health conditions.

The shops also have a section where they can brew the herbal soups and teas for immediate consumption. After choosing and having paid for their herbal soups and teas, the customers can then proceed to the self-service section where they can use microwave to heat them up. The process is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. This allows customers to easily and efficiently enjoy authentic kampo products at a reasonable price in a relaxing contemporary café style setting.

Kampo Senjido’s products are different from the generic supplements in tablets and capsule form. Their products are developed by directly brewing natural herbs; this maximizes the effects and benefits of the products. Currently, Kampo Senjido has 453 franchise shops throughout Japan with 56 new shops being opened.
Commander Healthcare Limited已與日本KAMPO煎専堂簽訂合約,成為策略性伙伴,合力開發全球市場,致力擠身成為漢方第一國際品牌。公司計劃於5年內在10個國家設立陳列室,並在全球合共開設超過100間漢方體驗店。

日本KAMPO煎専堂 (Senjudo)是一間在日本地區有悠久歴史的漢方專賣店,門市設計成自助餐廳風格的草藥煎劑體驗店,主要出售草藥湯和健康茶,亦有天然食品和化妝品。門店内有長駐的專業藥劑師,顧客可根據自身體質和症狀,諮詢藥劑師購買適合自己的煎劑。

漢方煎藥與膠囊和片劑不同,是以直接煎熬草藥的方式把漢方的最大益處呈現。現時KAMPO煎専堂於全日本共有453 加盟店,56間店準備營業。