The High-Tech Tycoon from Silicon Valley


Mr. Li Kam Tong is the Founder and Chairman of Commander Strategy Consulting Firm and Commander Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd. and has been investing in Asia, U.S.A. and Europe for over two decades.

The Founder started his career in high-tech industry during the late 1970s, after having received a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in the U.S.A. Having acquired rich experience in designing CPU chips from working for Toshiba, VLSI Technology and Intel, the high-tech veteran was decided to apply his experience in contributing to the Asian high-tech development for the first time – he and a group of experienced high-tech engineers co-founded Macronix International which went to IPO in 1989 and became the first Taiwanese company to be listed on NASDAQ.

In 1992, he made an important decision that started his career as a venture capitalist by joining Sequoia Capital as a General Partner in the U.S.A. This decision would later pave the way to his founding of Commander Asia Pacific Holdings (CAPH).

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As a member of baby boomer generation (i.e. the generation which later became the pionner in high technology development in Silicon Valley during the 1980s), Mr. Li, the Founder and Chairman of CAPH, started his career as an engineer and then as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley since 1978 (above). While working for Toshiba, VLSI and Intel, Mr. Li participated in the process of designing different microprocessors (CPUs). Besides, he designed a video game console chip for Atari while working at Toshiba.




The following video on the left uploaded by Intel shows how a computer chip is produced, a process that Mr. Li participated in when he was working for Intel in 1980s. The other one uploaded by In One Lesson is an educational video that illustrates how a CPU works.



On 28 August 2017, Mr. Li received a precious gift for his birthday - a specially designed 12-inch computer chip wafer designed by Daniel Hoh, who has also designed wafers for other well-known high-tech pioneers such as Bill Gates, Henry Samueli, Robert Noyce and Steve Jobs.

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