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Li Kam Tong

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

More about Li Kam Tong

Mr. Li Kam Tong is Founder and Chairman of Commander Asia Pacific Holdings and has been investing in US, Europe and Asia for over 20 years. He joined Sequoia Capital in 1992 as a General Partner and founded Commander Asia Pacific Holdings in 2013. Since inception, CAPH has managed over US$740 million in committed capital through 6 funds and operates 5 offices throughout Hong Kong, China, Germany, UK and US. Before joining Sequoia Capital, Mr. Li worked at Intel in Silicon Valley as a Director Engineer, leading a team of hardware architects to design and successfully develop the Intel 386 IC in 1980s. He has also worked in Toshiba and VLSI Technology, mainly focusing on IC design, and co-founded Macronix International that has been listed on NASDAQ since 1989.

Commander Asia Pacific Holdings

Commander Asia Pacific Holdings, together with its Commander Strategy Consulting Firm, is recognized as a pioneer of global venture capital and private equity in many aspects, including being one of the first firms to bring “Silicon Valley” style venture capital to Asia, one of the first participant venture capital firms in the project of building “the Second Silicon Valley” in Europe, a fast-growing firm to open 5 offices in 5 countries between 2013 and 2017, one of the first funds to direct Asian investors to the high-tech industries in Silicon Valley and Europe, one of the first firms to successfully establish a joint venture with a leading international retail brand, Starbucks Coffee, in Greater China Region and a highly potential firm to successfully raise US$740 million to invest in 32 companies whose 6 have completed IPOs in merely two years.

Recognition and Awards

Due to his contribution to high-tech advancement as well as to developing a sustainable venture capital and private equity industry in Asia, Mr. Li has been recognized by China International Brand Strategy Research Center and China Comment of Xinhua News Agency as one of the “Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs for Reforming Innovation of 2017” and by Capital magazine as “CEO of the Year 2017”. CAPH also shares the honor as being awarded “The Model Unit for Innovation of China” by China International Brand Strategy Research Center and China Comment of Xinhua News Agency in 2017.

Corporate Affiliations

Mr. Li serves on the boards of various leading global corporations and organizations, including Apple Inc., Rossmann, Savvers, Jet Source Carter Inc., Auntie Anne’s Pretzel, Wente Vineyards, Cambridge University and NetJets Aircrafts Inc.

Government/Non-Profit Affiliations

Mr. Li plays an active role in developing technology, business and policy relationships between the U.S. and Asia, including advisory positions with government, academic and industry organizations. Mr. Li was a founding member of the prestigious Technology Review Board, a group established to advise the Executive Branch of US Government on all technology matters, and is one of the founding members of Commander Technopreneurs Club (CTC), a premier non-profit organization promoting entrepreneurship and high technology relations around the world.

Mr. Li is a Founding Member of Kam Tong & Keen Wei Li Foundation that was established to fund the project of unboiling eggs jointly by UC Irvine and a group of Australian scientists. It is an innovation that will dramatically reduce costs for cancer treatments, food production and other segments of global biotechnology industry.


Mr. Li received his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in the US and his Executive MBA from Cambridge University.

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Vice Chariman

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Independent Non-Executive Directors


Keen Wei

More about Keen Wei

Ms. Keen Wei received a B.S. in Business from Nihon University in Japan and a M.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern Polytechnic University in California.

As an experienced commercial real estate developer and investor, Ms. Wei has spent almost 20 years in investing in lands and commercial properties throughout the Silicon Valley Bay Area. Since 2006, she has founded Comforhome Realty Investments Corp. and Bayhome Financial Corp. Her companies’ sales exceeded US$100 million in 2013.

Her recent projects include:

  • Gateway-Tracy Project,
  • Townhome project in Palo Alto in California,
  • Construction of 40 townhouses in the City of Hayward, and
  • Multi-residential development for 300 condos units in Sunnyvale

Moreover, Ms. Wei is active on promoting societal development, including the preschool projects that develop several Montessori Preschools in the Bay Area and the projects of building assisted living homes and of purchasing a nurse training school on the belief that quality healthcare begins with the foundation of quality education.

Additionally, Ms. Wei is appointed as the Vice-Chairwoman of Commander Technopreneur Club (CTC) that is based in Asia and aims to bring the U.S. high technology into Asia for fostering the development of its high-tech industry.

Kam Tong & Keen Wei Li Foundation has been set up to fund the project of unboiling eggs by UC Irvine and a group of Australian scientists. It is an innovation that will make cancer treatment, which is currently expensive and time-consuming, more affordable and will benefit the public in near future.

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Dr. Samuel Ng

Philip A. Mahoney